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IMG_2353Choirs are dynamic and we are no exception. While we have many members who have been with us a long time, we are always looking for new talent to join us, so give us a try!

The benefits of singing with others has been massively publicised by Gareth Malone on TV in recent years. The collective focus on the challenge of making the best of our voices and learning new music means that we improve together. The patience and skill of our MD Richard combined with our own application helps build our confidence and brings us to public performance standard. We have a huge repertoire and aim to sing a balanced mix of music from shows, hymns, spirituals, folk, classical, and popular pieces.


TWMVC-299You do not have to pass an audition to join, but you are expected to be able to sing in tune and hold a note. We have a mentoring system to help new members settle in and offer guidance and encouragement. You will be helped to find the most appropriate section ( 1st tenor, 2nd tenor, baritone, bass ) for your voice.

Once a member, you will be expected to attend rehearsals and, after a probationary period, concerts unless there is a strong reason for not doing so. Your Line Leader will provide continuing support if needed, as well as act as a channel of communication with the Committee.

You will find there are many friendships in the choir and great camaraderie.
It’s a hugely enjoyable and rewarding experience. As of course is hearing the applause from our many very satisfied audiences.


We rehearse on Thursday evenings 7.30-9.30pm at St Peter’s Church, Bayhall Road, Tunbridge Wells TN2 4UX.


After a couple of months of rehearsals,
and if you are so inclined, you may apply to join.
The choir’s Committee will consider your application
and will usually welcome you with open arms.


The annual membership fee is currently £55,
and the level is considered each year at the AGM.
The fee covers the cost of buying music, renting the rehearsal room, and paying our professional team.In addition, members pay £100 towards the cost of the scarlet jacket provided,half of which is refunded if you leave and the jacket is returned.


Contact us on
07766 313047,
07454 721270
to try us out or join.
We’d love to see you.