A Day Out In Brighton



How could we resist a day out in Brighton with like-minded people ? Sounds appealing, doesn’t it? So we hired a coach and went to take part in the new Brighton Male Choir Festival, consisting of a daytime competition and an evening Gala concert. All inspired by Brighton MVC’s 90th year and a visit to the UK by the German-Canadian MVC of Calgary.

The journey was quick and got us to St George’s Church, Kemp Town early. We joined the growing throng of 250+ singers milling around looking for coffee, sorted ourselves out, and before we knew it we were on stage/altar singing our 3 pieces—My Heart Will Go On, Linden Lea, and The Gypsy– all from memory.

We’d all done a fair bit of work helped by Richard & Adam but a number of accidents and injuries left us with fewer singers than we had planned. But spirits were good and we had nice messages of support from Ray Hoff and Peter Parfitt. We enjoyed listening to the other choirs.

Some enjoyed a leisurely lunch at the Marina, others explored the Kemp Town area, and just wandered around in the sea-side setting.

Then back for the competition results, and the judges announced the winner : Bournemouth MVC, who had impressed us all with the quality of their performance and choice of songs. We took heart by being closely judged with 3 other choirs ; and we reminded ourselves that we are an inclusive choir that does not audition for entry. We felt rather more relaxed when we sang in the Gala concert. We all gave the Canadians a big send-off.

Overall, an interesting day of new experiences, a chance to hear and talk to other mvcs, and of course, to shoot the breeze amongst ourselves.

John Cohen
8 October

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